Books have the power to comfort and calm us. Words have the power to heal and certain types of literature can soothe us.  Mostly, we feel less alone when we connect with the right book. In a high anxiety moment or the frantic rush of a commute, Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter can slow down your breathing and heart rate just long enough for you to remember that this moment is all we have. Reading a suitable book can create a moment of respite in a  painful life experience. If you don´t have much time to read, have fallen out of love with reading or are having an existential crisis, a reading prescription might be just the medicine you need.

What is bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy uses literature and storytelling to improve well being. A study at the University of Liverpool found that readers are less stressed and depressed and have higher levels of self-esteem and resilience. The healing power of books has been around since before Ancient Greece. On the entrance to his royal chamber where he stored his books, King Ramses 11  of Egypt had´inscribed the words ‘The House of Healing for the Soul.’ Ours is a literary service that matches you to the books that suit your unique needs and preferences.

Please note this is an affective bibliotherapy service. While certainly a helpful addition to your self-care toolbox, it is by no means a substitute for good psychiatric and medical care should you need it. Although proven to help with depression and anxiety, for serious and chronic mental illnesses we reserve the right to decline to give you a reading prescription, preferring to refer you to the appropriate medical care.

How does this work?

If you would like a reading prescription for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, click on the ‘book now’ button. After paying via PayPal, your bibliotherapist will contact you by email to set up a mutually suitable time. You´ll also be sent a questionnaire to fill in and return at least 48 hours before your consultation. The questionnaire will ask you about your reading habits, current lifestyle, reading history and preferences as well as a little more about yourself. Your consultation will then take place via Skype or phone call.

After your 40 minute consultation, a specially curated reading prescription will be sent to you via email. Prescriptions contain mostly novels but might also include plays, poems and creative non-fiction.Can I buy a bibliotherapy consultation for someone else?

A bibliotherapy session makes a great gift for friends, family and book lovers in your community. To buy a gift voucher, please click on the book now button and in the check out section choose ´gift´ and include the recipient’s name, phone number and email address. Your bibliotherapist will then be in contact with the recipient.

Who is this service for?

  • Reading is for everyone and a bibliotherapy session will certainly benefit most people.But perhaps you are:
  • Visiting a specific place in the world and would like your reading to be a heady mixture of site-specific and matched solely to you.
  • Time-pressed so need a curated reading list that is refined to your preferences.
  • The book lover who is painfully aware that there is only a limited amount of books that one can read in a lifetime.
  • The expat in a country where English books are hard to come to by and hit or miss book purchases need to be avoided.
  • The expat who feels ´foreign´ or isolated.
  • Going through a life transition or challenge and would like the comfort and therapeutic effect of literature to help you.
  • Uninspired by reading and need new choices or authors to spark a reading revival.
  • Overwhelmed by all the choices out there and dealing with decision fatigue.
  • Wanting a beautifully, thoughtfully curated list of recommendations just for you.
  • Wanting to purchase a gift voucher for someone else.
  • Going on holiday and have some time to read.
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